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Plan a Indian Wedding


Marriage is a unique bond in which two families get wedded socially first followed by the bride and the bridegroom. Indian wedding is a very long process in which every character, from a priest to a florist, plays an important role in making this function memorable.

India, the country of rich culture, traditions, history, dazzling diversity and consistent surprise, is a heaven for those who want to wed the love of their life an unforgettable way. India has many palaces and forts where you can marry like a king and a queen. All of these palaces and forts have larger than life ambience and royal charm. Some of the famous royal wedding destinations in India are Umaid Bhawan Jodhpur, Samode Palace, Jaipur, Taj Lake Palace, Rajasthan, Udaipur Devi Garh Palace, Mandvi Palace in Kutch and The Palace, Utelia amongst others.


The Spirit of Indian Wedding!
India, treasure of rich cultural heritage, is world over known for its fairs and festivals. Since ages, foreigners are influenced by Indian culture and traditions. That is the reason why they are attached towards our country & they love to visit again and again to India. Indian culture has so deep impact on the minds of the foreigners, that now a days people abroad are getting married according to Indian customs & traditions. If they are already married, they again perform their marriage with their spouse in an Indian style.

Mehndi has great significance in all Eastern wedding traditions, and no wedding is complete without the decoration of the bride's hands and feet - in many cultures on both the front and back of the hands right up to the elbow, and on the bottom half of the legs. The mehndi night is something like a hen night in the West, with all the bride's female friends and relatives getting together to celebrate. They spend the evening singing traditional mehndi songs, which tell of he good luck and blessings that mehndi will bring, and of its significance with different in-laws.

A Hindu Wedding Ceremony
The wedding Ceremony is held in the evening or night, on a date and time which is deemed auspicious - after duly consulting almanacs and the horoscopes of the partners. It is usually a culmination of a series of related ceremonies such as sangeet (a gathering of family and friends to sing and dance-celebrating the coming together of two families.) For the Wedding itself a mandap is erected -a sort of elaborately decorated tent, and a "havan" is lit -sacred fire for sanctity and purification inside the mundap.

The pundit-a high caste Brahmin, now, solemnizes the contract by reciting and getting the couple to recite Vedic hymns from our 7000 year old Aryan ancestry. This is followed by (or can be accompanied by) feasting, music and celebratory shows for the guests .


One more most popular matrimonial ceremony is the tribal wedding followed by the tribes all over India. The tribal customs and wedding are all together different from the upper caste wedding ceremonies. The tribal traditions differ from state to state and the tribal sub-type within the same state. The foreign tourists most interestingly demand the tribal marriages as they represent the ancient raw culture of India.
If you are a person interested in organising your wedding according to the Indian customs then the wedding tours in India are ideal for you. The wedding tours in India not only acquaint you with the various caste, community and religion specific wedding ceremonies but also offer you a great opportunity to let you decide the way you want your wedding to be like.


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